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The Copernicus Sentinel satellites are an amazing opportunity for people all over the world to explore unprecedented amounts of remote sensing data under a free and open license. The collaborative nature of the Copernicus programme means that there are multiple ways to get access to Sentinel satellite data and the open license allows anyone to host mirrors of the data. The definitive data access portal for Sentinel data is the Copernicus Open Access Hub aka. SciHub. It contains all Sentinel-1, -2 and -3 data since their respective launches and offers a graphical search interface as well as an API. It is based on the open-source data hub software, which is also employed by most national mirrors. There are however a wide number of mirrors and tools to get the data and process it. This post is a curated list of awesome tools, tutorials and APIs related to the Copernicus Sentinel Satellites.

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Data Access

Data Hubs and National Mirrors

Official datahubs and mirrors by the Copernicus partners and Collaborative Ground Segment members.

Partial Mirrors

Innitiatives to integrate specific Sentinel data into existing search and discovery platforms.

Cloud Providers

Providers that host Copernicus Sentinel data and allow you to bring your own code to process it without the need to download the data.


Data and Information Access Services (DIAS), funded by the European Commission “providing centralised access to Copernicus data and information, as well as to processing tools”

    • VM Infrastructure as a Service, with an API for access to hosted Copernicus data
  • sobloo
    • on-demand processing of thematic products with link to other data-sets (i.e. geo-marketing)
  • WEkEO
    • harmonised data access with a REST API, hosted VM options


Specific to Copernicus Sentinel data discovery, download and processing.

Search & Download

Viewers & Portals



Products, datasets and applications generated from Copernicus Sentinel data.

last edit: 2020-10-11

Know another awesome API, mirror or app that is missing from this list? Send it to me via Email, Twitter or open a pull request on Github.